Why is it essential to know our personality type?

In order to improve our overall quality of life – It is essential to understand our own leading type of personality and the personality types of the people we are surrounded with. This gives us the opportunity to avoid unnecessary confrontations and to reduce our own mental stress. This is especially beneficial because according to the CDC 70 – 90% of diseases are stress-related.

In KaarmiBeing we recognise that there are 3 leading types of personality:

VAT People (wind element) with a negative attitude.  

A VAT person is led by anxiety and fear of losing control.

PIT People (fire element) who are vivid and energetic.

They are also argumentative. It is important for them to prove that they are always right.

KAF people (fluid element) who are not interested in positive or negative aspects.

KAF people are lazy. In life they just prefer not to take any action. The leading emotion here is laziness and stability. They might be heavy physically and also in mind, and they generally avoid doing activities. 

There are 4 more types of personality which are the combinations VAT, PIT and KAF together.

There is always one personality type that is more dominant for each person. It is important to understand that all 3 of these leading personality types exist within us. It is a matter of what is more dominant in each person. This can change over time and also change during different phases in life. It can also even be differentiated between the hours of the day. 

It is important to be able to easily identify the leading personality of a person and have a better understanding of how they can be positively activated and how to get along with them. 

Our personality type will have a direct influence on how we deal with past and future events, how we handle our problems and find solutions. This information helps us to understand how profoundly our well-being is affected by our type of personality. Most importantly we can learn practical ways to change our attitude and even our nature. We can absolutely learn how to overcome obstacles that we face in life which reduces our overall stress levels.

Being able to relate in a positive way to the people we are surrounded with will have a direct effect on our happiness levels and even our physical health.

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