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Increase your vitality, health and state of mind

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The KaarmiBeing programs will teach you practical ways to:

  • Increase your vitality and daily energy
  • Have uplifting conversations with anyone by identifying their personality type
  • Increase your concentration and ability to focus
  • Overcome a scattered mind and achieve much more
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle routine
  • Overcome your intrusive thoughts
  • Remove anger from the mind with a specific 3-minute practical technique
  • Re-engage with your flow state and think clearly
  • Overcome your desires – excessive eating, drinking, shopping, and overindulgence
  • Learn the essential 4 layers needed for a lasting, loving relationship
  • Refocus your mental energy on a solution mindset
  • Increase your clear decisions 

Learn on-the-go quick practical meditation and breathing techniques that:

  • Gives you a clear mind before any meeting, studying, event, or activity
  • Calm the mind

The recent events in the world and the pandemic have taught us all how fragile our wellbeing can be, and how vulnerable it is to external events.

All of the KaarmiBeing techniques and principles will give you practical ways to experience a much higher level in your overall quality of life.

What are the main causes of stress in our life? Learn how to control and reduce it

  • We all have 6 internal enemies
  • Are you occupied with your problems and not with solutions?
  • Identify causes for mental stress with practical solutions

Understanding what holds us back from achieving our goals in life and how to overcome it

The KaarmiBeing philosophy teaches us that there are 9 obstacles that people face in each phase of life.

These 9 obstacles can be witnessed in any area of life.

For example, they can show up in our studies, when choosing a partner and at work.

These obstacles will always pop up and try to divert us from achieving our goal, most often weakening our determination and willpower…

How can clearly understanding the 9 obstacles create a clear path to achieve our goals in life?

Amongst other topics you will learn... how to intentionally and positively interact with others to experience the best aspects of their personality type

When you can identify the leading personality type of everyone around you, it will change your life!

Upcoming Level 1 webinars

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7 steps to your wellbeing