Mastery Level

The KaarmiBeing workshops provide advanced level learning opportunities about how to improve wellbeing and overall quality of life

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This live advanced Mastery workshop is for Level 1 participants that wish to:

  • Integrate the concepts and practices in much more depth
  • Advance more deeply into the ancient philosophy
  • Live group coaching
  • Continued momentum towards achieving your goals
  • Bring your personal examples and how to help others with implementing the techniques for others

We can use breathing and meditation techniques to achieve different goals in life. The KaarmiBeing advanced meditation and breathing techniques are specifically focused on achieving the following benefits:

  • Increased vitality
  • Overcome a scattered mind
  • Increased concentration and ability to focus
  • Overcoming intrusive thoughts
  • Overcoming the desires that are influenced by having low vitality and a scattered mind

Upcoming Mastery webinars

Join us in one of our upcoming life changing Mastery live webinars

  • Wednesday 19th 6:00pm BST

    Where: Online

  • Wednesday 23rd 2:00pm BST

    Where: Online

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