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Please select from either the Level 1 or Mastery workshop below to book your space. To book a personal consultation please also register using the form below. We look forward to sharing the KaarmiBeing content with you!

  • Level 1

    All 7 sessions taught live online with interactive examples.


    Learn the following topics:

    • How to deal with pressure & reduce stress
    • Overcome Obstacles Which Hold Us back from Achieving the Best in our Life
    • Improve your Social Life including partners, parents & friends
    • Increase your health
    • Improve Your Sense of Happiness & Wellbeing
    • Improve Your Vitality & Energy Levels
    • All 7 sessions are taught live.
    • These are interactive lectures and you will be able to ask specific questions about how to implement them in your own life.
    • All the specific breathing techniques & active exercises will be taught in this live online webinar.
  • Mastery

    Interactive live webinar


    This live advanced level coaching workshop is for people that wish to:

    • Integrate the concepts and practices in more depth
    • Advance more deeply into the ancient philosophies
    • Have more live group coaching
  • Personal Consultation

    One to one personal consultation sessions


    • Personal consultation – £150
    • KaarmiBeing students –  £120

7 steps to your wellbeing