Level 1

This online workshop will give you a unique and practical learning opportunity to improve your wellbeing and overall quality of life

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LIVE online Level 1

Our programs give you a unique opportunity to enjoy the KaarmiBeing wisdom, philosophies and learn daily life practices that are 5000 years old.

This has only ever been taught by word to mouth as it is passed down to each generation – until now.

The KaarmiBeing workshops provide learning opportunities about how to improve wellbeing and overall quality of life.

In this highly unique live workshop, you will learn how to apply fascinating ancient techniques in a very practical way which can be implemented in daily life.

We want you to be able to start using the techniques in your life straight away so we teach this as a continuous flow in the webinar.

This will enable us to give you a space for growth and continuity to create lasting positive changes in your life.

In each session, you will deepen your ability to apply and observe the KaarmiBeing techniques in the main key areas of your life.

  • Learn the essential KaarmiBeing knowledge in the webinar
  • Discover how to embody these techniques and the knowledge in a highly practical way, in your daily life.
  • These sessions are taught in an interactive format. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn how to implement the knowledge in your life.

We will address the following main key areas of life

  • Topic 1

    Practical ways to deal with pressure and reducing stress.

  • Topic 2

    Practical ways to overcome obstacles which hold us back from achieving the best in our life.

  • Topic 3

    Practical ways to improve your social life with partners, parents, children and friends.

  • Topic 4

    Practical ways to increase your health

  • Topic 5

    Practical ways to improve your sense of happiness and wellbeing

  • Topic 6

    Practical ways to improve your vitality and energy levels

You will also learn:

  • Practical exercises and techniques
  • Specific meditation postures
  • Specific breathing exercises
  • How to unite your mind, speech and body for an optimum focused state of mind
  • How to calm the mind and reset the nervous system
  • We will host live interactive discussions with in depth instructions to enable each person to gain a true understanding of this knowledge
  • You will learn how to integrate all of the above in your daily life

We can use breathing and meditation techniques to achieve different goals in life. The KaarmiBeing advanced meditation and breathing techniques are specifically focused on achieving the following benefits:

  • Increased vitality
  • Overcome a scattered mind
  • Increased concentration and ability to focus
  • Overcoming intrusive thoughts
  • Overcoming the desires that are influenced by having low vitality and a scattered mind

Upcoming Level 1 webinars

Join us in one of our upcoming life changing Level 1 live webinars

  • Tuesday 13th 10:00am BST

    Where: Zoom

  • Thursday 30th 10:00am BST

    Where: Zoom

In order to maximise your experience we have integrated the practical exercises above into one program.

We know that people are very busy and that time is often limited. Therefore we have created a program structure that supports maximum growth in a practical and realistic timeframe for you.

The KaarmiBeing techniques are easy to learn and you will be able to use them in your daily life with ease.

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