Increase efficiency, corporate culture and staff wellness

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KaarmiBeing helps businesses to increase the wellbeing of their staff to be the best versions of themselves

You will learn practical ways to improve:

  • Management capabilities
  • Employee’s efficiency
  • Employees sense of “goodwill” and “feeling of belonging”
  • Corporate culture

By the end of the session you will understand:

  • What motivates an employee to become more productive in today’s world
  • How to correctly position your employees in the right job
  • How to manage them in an optimal way avoiding unnecessary confrontations

During the session we will examine:

  • The different types of employees personalities
  • Ways to correctly position our employees in the right jobs from the outset according to their personality type
  • Ways to manage different types of employee’s personalities in an optimal way, in order to maximise productivity

You will leave knowing:

  • Why money is not the most efficient motivator to increase productivity
  • Why proven strategies illustrate that compliments are better and cheaper
  • Why our employees’ “goodwill” is based on their feelings of: “belonging”, “caring” and “identifying with the goals and the corporate culture”.
  • How to analyse your employees’ leading type of personality so that their satisfaction and dedication to their work is optimised
  • The 7 different types of personalities
  • How people face the “past”, “present” and “future” differently and how this influences their productivity
  • How different people deal with problems and challenges and how this affects their efficiency at work
  • This gives you the skills to avoid unnecessary confrontations

Our journey will start by understanding that the good old cliché that "people work only for money and will be more productive after they receive even more money" – is wrong

This is a very unexpected conclusion in the materialistic world in which we live. Naturally, money creates a higher productivity in the short term but it also creates long term dissociation. Therefore it is not only costly, it is also inefficient in the long run.

Who is it for?

  • Managers who wish to increase productivity in a more efficient way
  • Managers who wish to establish a stronger “corporate culture” and to increase their employee’s satisfaction and goodwill at work
  • Managers who wish to be able to position their workers correctly from the outset
  • Managers who wish to avoid unnecessary confrontations with their employees
  • Organisations that wish to teach an “out of the box” way of managing staff to their management teams
  1. The KaarmiBeing Management Mastery class is taught by Amir Bush


    Amir is an international businessman and a lawyer. He has an MA in law innovation and technology and is currently writing his PhD in Law. Amir is a guest lecturer at schools and universities.

  2. The KaarmiBeing Management Mastery class is taught by Karina Grant


    Karina has spent over a decade teaching mindfulness, wellness and energy healing to both medical and complementary health care professionals.


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