The ancient 6 innate enemies that subconsciously play out for us all

In the KaarmiBeing programs, we share the fascinating ancient knowledge about 6 innate enemies that play out for us all, in a subconscious way. 

Let’s look at the 6 enemies which naturally exist within us all.

Rather than trying to eliminate them, we can learn how to control and balance their influence in our life. In the right proportion, all 6 enemies are vital to our life.

Understanding the 6 enemies and learning practical ways to overcome them increases our well-being. In KaarmiBeing we are constantly increasing our wellbeing because this reduces mental health stress, which increases our physical health.

  1. The first enemy is Desire. We live in a materialistic world that is constantly highlighting and provoking many physical desires. An example of this can be a person’s desire for money, power, sex, food, shopping.  A Lack of ability to fulfill our own personal desires creates a lot of internal mental stress within a person.
  2. The second enemy is Anger – a person that is unable to fulfill their desire will be naturally led into feelings of anger and frustration.
  3. The third enemy is Attachment – If my belongings are taken or harmed such as a scratch on my new car then there will immediately be mental stress about this.
  4. The fourth enemy is Greediness. Greediness will always involve comparing ourselves to others which is now so common in today’s world. This will lead to having an envy of others which again creates mental stress.
  5. The fifth enemy within us is our Ego – our ego always leads us into a state of anger if a person feels they are not getting the respect they believe they deserve.
  6. The sixth enemy is Manipulation – as we act from a place of ego we will naturally be led to try and manipulate situations around you. This will create stress as others will then try to resist this type of manipulation.

Let’s look at an example of how the 6 enemies play out in our lives.

John and Mary both have the desire to move to a bigger house that is similar to their friends house, with a pool and luxurious living room.

John and Mary feel Anger because they can’t afford to get the house they want.

If they do manage to get it – they will start to feel attached to it. When something gets broken or damaged they will immediately feel mental stress about this.

This will lead to Greediness because now they will naturally want to have more. 

They envy their neighbours who bought a new jacuzzi and they also want one. Once they live in a fancy house their Ego is has now been activated.  Their ego feels that they should get respect now from their friends and others who do not have as big a house as them.

The enemy of Ego then automatically leads to the 6th enemy which is Manipulation.

All their friends want to visit them in the summer to enjoy the pool and the jacuzzi, but now John and Mary start to manipulate who is going to join them and how this can benefit them. Their friends will feel mental stress and anger towards them as no one wants to feel like they are being manipulated.

In the KaarmiBeing program we will learn to easily identify these enemies in our daily life and most importantly we earn practical ways to balance and overcome them. Having this awareness frees up a lot of unnecessary mental health stress and creates a higher state of wellbeing. 

Once you are able to identify any of the 6 enemies you will have much stronger foresight about exactly what is influencing all your decisions, where situations are heading and how to rebalance them positively.