The 9 obstacles in life that hold us back from achievements and well being

In the KaarmiBeing programs, we share the fascinating ancient knowledge about 9 innate obstacles that hold us back from achieving our goals in life, consequently depriving our  inner sense of well being.

Let’s look at these 9 obstacles and learn practical ways to overcome them.

Rather than trying to eliminate them, we can learn how to control and balance their influence in our life.

Just by becoming aware of what the 9 obstacles are and how they manipulate us, will give us the ability to confront them. 

Whatever we do in life we have two possibilities. We can either take the easier ride and swim with the current, or we can choose to swim in a new direction. To swim with the current is effortless. To swim against it requires a lot of energy, with the willingness and determination to overcome obstacles. Usually we are tempted to select the easy swim because it is effortless. 

The thought generally doesn’t arise to swim in a new direction because it requires more effort. Once we decide to do things against the current we will face 9 obstacles which will try to divert us back to the easy ride. These obstacles will happen to us in every phase of life. For example, the 9 obstacles will arise in our studies, when choosing a business partner or in any situation at all. These innate obstacles will always pop up and try to divert us from achieving our goal. 

Let’s look at these 9 obstacles that arise in life in order to weaken our determination and willpower.

  1. The first obstacle is illness. We can explain to ourselves that we are not feeling well and accept it as an excuse to change direction back towards the easy way that we know. 

The KaarmiBeing philosophy teaches that the source of many diseases and illness has a component that is mental and emotional.

2) The second obstacle is doubt. Doubt is a state of mind that is created when we have a few parallel streams of thoughts that contradict each other. Doubts prevent us from seeing reality clearly and in the right way. This prevents us from making a clear decision on how to act.

3)The third obstacle is overthinking. Overthinking is not in our favour and it makes us weaker. There is a big difference between thinking and planning. Thinking has no purpose and planning is thinking in one particular direction for a solution. 

4) The fourth obstacle is scattered mind and negligence. A scattered Mind is essentially an inability to focus our mind. Our minds can easily wander with no direction. We want to take control of it but we feel that we can’t. 

Negligence is when we are aware of things that can help us and we ignore them. Even though we understand that we are behaving recklessly and neglecting things, we don’t care. 

For example, a student has a test tomorrow and he hasn’t started to revise for it. He  doesn’t care and behaves recklessly. He understands that the clock is ticking and he is still in the pub drinking. He knows what he needs to do but is not doing anything about it.

5) The fifth obstacle is laziness. Laziness makes our life hell. We ignore our daily duties and our mind is constantly wandering. We can dive into some type of lazy coma and at times even enjoy it. 

Even if we understand that we are in a bad situation, by this point we feel so tired that we just don’t care.This then evokes a guilty feeling because we haven’t done what we needed or wanted to do. Guilt is the most harmful emotion of all. 

6) The sixth obstacle is being led by desires. Instead of doing whatever we need to do we will be pushed towards our desires. Instead of studying for a test, we find ourselves going to the pub for a drink. When this happens a person’s consciousness is being manipulated by the “impure” power that controls our senses in this way. 

7) The seventh obstacle is illusion and false reception. The obstacle of illusion will make a person see the opposite of the truth, and lead them away from the right direction. Sometimes we don’t have the ability to see things the right way and we view things in a way that is contrary to our main goal. 

The solution is to develop devotion to the path that you choose. Devotion is very important in order to achieve anything in life. Once you develop a devotion to something the illusions and false perceptions that arise will not affect you or your goals. 

8) The eighth obstacle is lack of satisfaction. If we face failure or difficulties in achieving our desired goals for any reason, a lack of satisfaction will rise up with a feeling that we just want to quit. If the results are not achieved quickly enough then it is very common that a person will feel a lack of satisfaction believing that he should quit and change direction. 

9) The ninth obstacle is lack of discipline. This obstacle will rise up usually after having some success with something. We feel some success on the way and we have a false confidence which leads us to being reckless and letting go of the discipline.

In the KaarmiBeing program we will learn to easily identify these enemies in our daily life and most importantly we learn practical ways to balance and overcome them. Having this awareness frees up a lot of unnecessary mental health stress and creates a higher state of wellbeing as you will be able to achieve your goals in life.